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Work in Progress Pic


Heeey I have continued my work on my ball jointed doll project. I’ve decided to post one work in progress picture although I don’t really like this picture. Obviously the torso of the ball jointed doll to be isn’t right this way, but after all it’s called work in progress, meaning I am just giving you an insight in my unfinished work and will still work on the torso.

The material I used is Chavant Clay in Medium. I used a hair dryer to get the plasticine clay soft. Before I always kneaded the clay in my hands but the process was waaay faster as I started using heat.


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Something new.My first guest post

My first guest post.

Just had my first guest post on another artists blog. I like reading art blogs with similar topics and generally enjoy writing in a community of artists that are into doll making. That is why some weeks ago I had the idea to guest blog to just try out something else.I then asked Lauren Brevner,she is an artist who writes about her process. She has a nice blog were she posts work in progress pictures of her drawings and also sculptures, you should check it out.

I think it was a good idea, sometimes its good to just try out something new. You can check out my article here, its about creativity and motivation. Comments are welcome!And make sure you have a look at Lauren Brevners blog in general.

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