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Making my own ball jointed doll-Conditioning with clay softener

Yes it is possible to condition hard polymer clay!

Who would have thought that crumbly, hard clay can become soft and workable! My Cernit Polymer clay was so old and hard and wasn’t fun working with. My hands hurt after a short time working with it and I wondered why everyone on the Internet was saying that Clay gets extremely soft if you knead it for a long time.

I already thought I had to throw the clay away. Because my clay was hard, dry, crumbly  and wouldn’t get soft no matter what I did.

I checked the internet for some information on how to get hard clay soft and found out I needed a clay softener. As soon as I had the clay softener I first chopped the clay in tiny pieces with a blade. After that I added some Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener and Vegetable Oil to it and made small balls.

Before I could use the pasta machine, I rolled out the clay with a warm thermo bottle. That’s a handy trick because we have winter down here and although we have a warm home, my hands are not warm enough to get the Cernit soft in no time.

polymer clay in pasta machineWow you cannot imagine how relieved I was when the clay went through the pasta machine, because before it was too hard and crumbly and even thin rolled out pieces would not enter the machine.

Just HAD to post this because something that seemed impossible has been solved =)

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The clay softener for my old,hard clay has arrived

Sculpey Clay Softener just arrived today and I have started to soften some of my old Cernit Clay. Ok, although the softener is called Sculpey, it can be used for any type of Polymer Clay, really. Have I mentioned that we have minus degrees outside? Well I am lucky enough to be able to stay inside today. Time to be creative =)

Just wanted to share the news, I will give you an update as soon as I have  conditioned enough of my old clay.

Greetings, Nike

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