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Hello Spring!

Welcome spring, i embrace you!

I had to put my doll project aside for a while, because I have been busy moving out to my new flat. Still have some things to do till my flat is cosy enough to live in, but I will be staying there as from april =)

I know people reading this blog are from all over the world, so I just wanted to share something with you: over here it’s springtime!!

The sun is shining,the sky is blue and a thousand smiles are sent down to earth to me =) I just love the sun!

Chances are great that I will be working on my doll project on my own balcony soon, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

To read about the making of my doll click here

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Making my own ball jointed doll. The basic torso

My process is going slowly. Very slowly. Too slowly.

Why? Because I’m new to doll making and new to polymer clay, so I still have to figure out some stuff. And it is frustrating, which keeps me from working on the doll regularly.

cernit doll side viewSo, because I am not satisfied at the moment, I will just show you a side view of the torso.

Last time I just had the lower torso finished, but I now added the upper torso, with the chest, shoulders and a neck.

Keep in mind, that I am only showing the basic form, details will be made later on.

And I am only showing what I think is okay. The back and front view is not to my satisfaction yet.

If you want to read my post about the lower torso, click here

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