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Sharing the beginning of the bjd’s head with you

Although the head of my bjd is far from being perfect and finished, I will post it here. While writing in my blog I can get some distance from my work-so that later on when continuing with my doll I might discover something I didn’t see during the process.

I am not planning to leave the eyes this way. Probably some beads or plastic glass eyes should help me to get the eye shape right. I will not mold them with the clay, because  this is only a prototype. At the end of the modelling process, i will cut out the eyes to have holes in the head-this is necessary because i will use a different material later on.My idea so far is to

  1. Mold the prototype in oil based clay (a clay that stays soft and can be reused later on)
  2. Then make a mold out of the prototype doll in order to
  3. cast the doll in papermaché slip liquache or Papiermasche-gießmasse P3 wanke (I’m not sure yet which one is the perfect product)

On the other hand i can imagine that polymer clay might also be a great modelling material for me, so I am keeping in mind to also experiment with Cernit in the future.

But there’s still a lot of time to finally chose the right material, right now I first have to focus on sculpting a beautiful prototype doll. Wish me luck!

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