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Will paperclay and i ever be friends? The beginning of sculpting a bjd

Doll making. That’s my new project i will be focussing on from now on! And yes, i am quite excited. After doing a lot of research and deciding which clay to work with, i ordered some materials and  finally got started. The thing is, i am a quite impatient person and therefore had a lot of material changes before i found the right material to work with. I have decided to go for an oil based clay for my prototype doll. Why? Because it’s a soft clay that doesn’t harden, which means it can always be reused for my master dolls (incase this becomes a hobby I’ll do for a looong time).

Unfortunately, i went for an extremely cheap oil based clay and had to learn that sometimes  its better to invest more if you want a real quality product. The clay is supposed to be for children but it is extremely hard and doesn’t soften when you use your hands to form small soft balls. So what did i do? Because i really really wanted to get started and couldn’t wait any longer, i went to buy new material and hoped to find a better oil clay. But the only thing i could find was PAPERCLAY. I thought well, paperclay is one of  THE favorite material of bjd makers, and it’s really cheap-so i bought 4 small packages=2 kilos. But as you might have guessed already, paperclay and i did not get friends and i think we never will.

My personal opinion about paperclay: i have made experience with DAS paperclay and  HEMA-boetserklei(dutch product) so far. Both of them had a strong chemical smell (people with migraine should beware) and needed a lot of water to become soft and less resistant.

Apart from these strong contra aspects, i guess i can work more relaxed with a material that doesn’t air dry within hours.

But luckily, i now, after putting the paperclay aside- bought a good oil based clay and it seems like we could become good friends =)

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