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My Chavant Clay has arrived!!=)

Yesterday my chavant clay NSP arrived and I am curious about how the work with this clay will turn out.

I ordered it in soft, because I read that chavant is a plasticine that comes in grades that are way harder than regular plasticine or Polymer Clays like Super Sculpey. Reasons why I think the clay may turn out to be perfect for me are:

  • It contains no sulphur, meaning I could use silicon molds in future if I wanted to
  • Plasticine never gets hard and can be reused over and over again (=more economic, plus I save some money)
  • The hard texture will allow me to carve things out of the clay
  • The soft texture while it’s warm will make it easy for me to sculpt, to add or remove things here and there etc.

These are the main reasons why I finally chose to buy this clay. I used Cernit Polymer Clay before but didn’t like the odour while baking it in the oven and I experienced some difficulties while sculpting. (But I love the look of Cernit objects, especially dolls, so I might experiment further with it another time)

That’s all for today, I’ll write to tell you about the first impression of the clay in my next post. Have a nice day!


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Making my own ball jointed doll. The basic torso

My process is going slowly. Very slowly. Too slowly.

Why? Because I’m new to doll making and new to polymer clay, so I still have to figure out some stuff. And it is frustrating, which keeps me from working on the doll regularly.

cernit doll side viewSo, because I am not satisfied at the moment, I will just show you a side view of the torso.

Last time I just had the lower torso finished, but I now added the upper torso, with the chest, shoulders and a neck.

Keep in mind, that I am only showing the basic form, details will be made later on.

And I am only showing what I think is okay. The back and front view is not to my satisfaction yet.

If you want to read my post about the lower torso, click here

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Making my own ball jointed doll- Conditioning polymer clay

Cernit polymer clay is supposed to become soft when it’s well kneaded, instead my clay is very persistent…

OMG!Today I was so busy conditioning some polymer clay for my ball jointed doll and at the end of the day, my clay pieces where still hard.Although Cernit Doll Collection is a good quality product, I seem to have purchased old clay because it is very very crumbly and extremely hard.

cernit puppen
What I did before was to roll small pieces in my hands and on the table- I even rolled them on a hot thermos jug to get them soft. But still, my clay didn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to be.

I also ‘tried’ to use my pasta machine, but the small rolled out piece would not really go through the machine, and small crumbly pieces would fall out 😦

It looks like my polymer clay needs plasticizer, I’ll get a good additive online to get it conditioned.Maybe Mixquick?

Hate the fact that I’ll have to wait patiently now…aaarrgh!Oh but I also read somewhere that sewing machine oil can do the trick. Maybe I’m lucky and my mum has some on hand ?

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Making my own ball jointed doll- The core

Creating a core for the doll is clever

making a core/foil armature for my doll

The foil armature (or doll core) will

  1. prevent my doll from collapsing in the oven (I will be using a polymer clay called Cernit)
  2. help me to have hollow ball jointed doll pieces at the end
  3. be a great help getting the proportions right
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Turning clay into a doll is not easy

Okay this is going to be totally ridiculous,but in today’s post I will show you some pictures of my sculpt with some,umm let me say “freedom of art”. I am not quite satisfied with what I have sculpted so far, but yet I want to share the process with you (after all this was supposed to be a journal, also with developments I would rather not post).

So what I will do is show you certain aspects of my sculpt which i like and leave out things I’m not really ehm willing to make public. Yepp, as I said this might be a bit odd =)

Why are the eyes censored? Well, they make the sculpt look like Gollum, and my doll is NOT supposed to look like a figure inspired by the lord of the rings, even if I love that story. Yet the shape of the face is okay, that is why i like the picture.

OKay, to be fair I’ll show you a picture so that you can see how the eyes look like. Well, I told you they are not that good! It’s because of the way I did the eyelids.

What I do like is the mouth. That’s one thing I can proudly present to you even though it’s not finished yet and still needs to be smoothed out and changed here and there:

You can still see my “handwriting”, the places I went with the tools but the main shape of the mouth is the way I wanted it to be.

I’ve also been busy working on the torso. I do not like the shoulders and the neck, that’s why i simply chose not to post them.

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of her back.I’ll post it another time I guess.

Here are some more views from the face of the sculpt.


I do like this view of the face and it shows me that not everything is wrong about this sculpt. To my mind the basic shape is okay and things are in the right places.But still I have not reached the point where I can refer to her as ‘doll’ but call her ‘sculpt’

this is her from the side
bjd side view of the face

But hey, the journey goes on!My clay will turn into a doll sooner or later =)

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