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Work in Progress Pic


Heeey I have continued my work on my ball jointed doll project. I’ve decided to post one work in progress picture although I don’t really like this picture. Obviously the torso of the ball jointed doll to be isn’t right this way, but after all it’s called work in progress, meaning I am just giving you an insight in my unfinished work and will still work on the torso.

The material I used is Chavant Clay in Medium. I used a hair dryer to get the plasticine clay soft. Before I always kneaded the clay in my hands but the process was waaay faster as I started using heat.


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New Chapter :Chavant clay

Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a long time. And I apologize for this. There’s been some changes, I had a lot of work to do and a lot on my mind…but between those thoughts I constantly had to think of my doll project.

So basically, I have the feeling that my old project didn’t really satisfy me and I am out of the proces because I have not done anything for a while.

What I am going to do now is start over new (oh again?) and this time with

chavant clay.

Its not a big deal for me to try something else, because I know I will continue with the cernit clay another time (It’s not like I am going to throw away the material, it was expensive). And I don’t think I could go any further with my old ways, so I gotta start over fresh.

So dear readers, I am back!! And this time It will be the last time I start over new. If I don’t succeed making a prototype doll this time I guess I will stop.

As soon as I get the ordered plastiline clay I will write about my experience with it!.

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Hello Spring!

Welcome spring, i embrace you!

I had to put my doll project aside for a while, because I have been busy moving out to my new flat. Still have some things to do till my flat is cosy enough to live in, but I will be staying there as from april =)

I know people reading this blog are from all over the world, so I just wanted to share something with you: over here it’s springtime!!

The sun is shining,the sky is blue and a thousand smiles are sent down to earth to me =) I just love the sun!

Chances are great that I will be working on my doll project on my own balcony soon, I’m definitely looking forward to it!

To read about the making of my doll click here

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My dream- the main idea behind my doll project

This is a quick post to give you an idea what my plans are with this doll project.
At the moment I am doing a ball jointed doll out of Cernit just for myself.

My aim is to practise sculpting and to learn how to make quality dolls and to maybe produce some dolls in the future. This is a dream and I am writing this down to see if I will achieve this in future. Then I can come back to this post and remember how things were at the beginning of my project.

It would be great to make limited edition dolls,maybe with a one of a kind costuming and unique painting. The dolls will all have a certain theme,which I already have in mind, but I will share this with you as soon as the time is right for it.

Until then, enjoy the journey and watch my first doll made of Cernit come to life!


-Read my post “What is a bjd” to learn more about ball jointed dolls and find out what information helps me during the doll making process .-


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Today is a wonderful day. There is no snow but no one is really disappointed because we are used to not having a white christmas here in the north-west of Germany.
My doll project is put aside as I am enjoying the christmas days with my family. Next time I will add some pictures =) As soon as I find my camera.

I just wanted to take the time to wish all my readers a


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