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Making my own ball jointed doll-The basic body

Covered the aluminium foil core with Cernit to make a basic body

I’ve been really busy with my doll and have some pictures to show today. Yes, finally I can use the definition “Doll”; because a doll is more apparent from day-to-day.

pasta machine makes my polymer clay smoothProudly showing you the smooth polymer clay that I made with my pasta machine =)

uncured polymer clay on doll legsThis is how the legs look at the moment, the Cernit is still uncured. It’s just the basic form of the legs, I will still change it later and add details here and there.

I will show you the cured Cernit in my next post. Oh and just remembered to mention that this is not a complete basic body. I’ve not started with the head and the upper torso is also missing. This part goes up to the ribs, but the chest and neck is still missing. Looks like I’m going to cut the lower torso a bit to get it right.

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Making my own ball jointed doll-Conditioning with clay softener

Yes it is possible to condition hard polymer clay!

Who would have thought that crumbly, hard clay can become soft and workable! My Cernit Polymer clay was so old and hard and wasn’t fun working with. My hands hurt after a short time working with it and I wondered why everyone on the Internet was saying that Clay gets extremely soft if you knead it for a long time.

I already thought I had to throw the clay away. Because my clay was hard, dry, crumbly¬† and wouldn’t get soft no matter what I did.

I checked the internet for some information on how to get hard clay soft and found out I needed a clay softener. As soon as I had the clay softener I first chopped the clay in tiny pieces with a blade. After that I added some Sculpey Liquid Clay Softener and Vegetable Oil to it and made small balls.

Before I could use the pasta machine, I rolled out the clay with a warm thermo bottle. That’s a handy trick because we have winter down here and although we have a warm home, my hands are not warm enough to get the Cernit soft in no time.

polymer clay in pasta machineWow you cannot imagine how relieved I was when the clay went through the pasta machine, because before it was too hard and crumbly and even thin rolled out pieces would not enter the machine.

Just HAD to post this because something that seemed impossible has been solved =)

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Making my own ball jointed doll- Conditioning polymer clay

Cernit polymer clay is supposed to become soft when it’s well kneaded, instead my clay is very persistent…

OMG!Today I was so busy conditioning some polymer clay for my ball jointed doll and at the end of the day, my clay pieces where still hard.Although Cernit Doll Collection is a good quality product, I seem to have purchased old clay because it is very very crumbly and extremely hard.

cernit puppen
What I did before was to roll small pieces in my hands and on the table- I even rolled them on a hot thermos jug to get them soft. But still, my clay didn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to be.

I also ‘tried’ to use my pasta machine, but the small rolled out piece would not really go through the machine, and small crumbly pieces would fall out ūüė¶

It looks like my polymer clay needs plasticizer, I’ll get a good additive online to get it conditioned.Maybe Mixquick?

Hate the fact that I’ll have to wait patiently now…aaarrgh!Oh but I also read somewhere that sewing machine oil can do the trick. Maybe I’m lucky and my mum has some on hand ?

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Turning clay into a doll is not easy

Okay this is going to be totally ridiculous,but in today’s post I will show you some pictures of my sculpt with some,umm let me say “freedom of art”. I am not quite satisfied with what I have sculpted so far, but yet I want to share the process with you (after all this was supposed to be a journal, also with developments I would rather not post).

So what I will do is show you certain aspects of my sculpt which i like and leave out things I’m not really ehm willing to make public. Yepp, as I said this might be a bit odd =)

Why are the eyes censored? Well, they make the sculpt look like Gollum, and my doll is NOT supposed to look like a figure inspired by the lord of the rings, even if I love that story. Yet the shape of the face is okay, that is why i like the picture.

OKay, to be fair I’ll show you a picture so that you can see how the eyes look like. Well, I told you they are not that good! It’s because of the way I did the eyelids.

What I do like is the mouth. That’s one thing I can proudly present to you even though it’s not finished yet and still needs to be smoothed out and changed here and there:

You can still see my “handwriting”, the places I went with the tools but the main shape of the mouth is the way I wanted it to be.

I’ve also been busy working on the torso. I do not like the shoulders and the neck, that’s why i simply chose not to post them.

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of her back.I’ll post it another time I guess.

Here are some more views from the face of the sculpt.


I do like this view of the face and it shows me that not everything is wrong about this sculpt. To my mind the basic shape is okay and things are in the right places.But still I have not reached the point where I can refer to her as ‘doll’ but call her ‘sculpt’

this is her from the side
bjd side view of the face

But hey, the journey goes on!My clay will turn into a doll sooner or later =)

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Will paperclay and i ever be friends? The beginning of sculpting a bjd

Doll making. That’s my new project i will be focussing on from now on! And yes, i am quite excited. After doing a lot of research and deciding which clay to work with, i ordered some materials and¬† finally got started. The thing is, i am a quite impatient person and therefore had a lot of material changes before i found the right material to work with. I have decided to go for an oil based clay for my prototype doll. Why? Because it’s a soft clay that doesn’t harden, which means it can always be reused for my master dolls (incase this becomes a hobby I’ll do for a looong time).

Unfortunately, i went for an extremely cheap oil based clay and had to learn that sometimes¬† its better to invest more if you want a real quality product. The clay is supposed to be for children but it is extremely hard and doesn’t soften when you use your hands to form small soft balls. So what did i do? Because i really really wanted to get started and couldn’t wait any longer, i went to buy new material and hoped to find a better oil clay. But the only thing i could find was PAPERCLAY. I thought well, paperclay is one of¬† THE favorite material of bjd makers, and it’s really cheap-so i bought 4 small packages=2 kilos. But as you might have guessed already, paperclay and i did not get friends and i think we never will.

My personal opinion about paperclay: i have made experience with DAS paperclay and  HEMA-boetserklei(dutch product) so far. Both of them had a strong chemical smell (people with migraine should beware) and needed a lot of water to become soft and less resistant.

Apart from these strong contra aspects, i guess i can work more relaxed with a material that doesn’t air dry within hours.

But luckily, i now, after putting the paperclay aside- bought a good oil based clay and it seems like we could become good friends =)

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