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Making of the core with plasticine

Busy making the ball jointed doll core out of plasticine

plastecine body

plastecine core

This are some pictures of the body parts of my ball jointed doll.I’m making the core with plasticine instead of using styrofoam on the inside (what a lot of doll artists working with La doll clay do successfully).

plastecine body

The picture above shows the basic plasticine torso.I used wooden balls to get the hip and distances right. They’ll be removed later. This process with plasticine is fun!

The idea behind the making of an  inner core for a ball jointed doll is explained here and here

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How do I make my doll hollow?

Test on making a core to make my ball jointed doll hollow

As you all know, ball jointed dolls are usually hollow because they need a stringing system. After making some experiences with a polymer clay called Cernit and  with Chavant plasticine, I decided to give La doll stone clay a try.

A lot of artists that work with La doll use styrofoam to make a core:

ball jointed doll styrofoam core

Picture belongs to aimi doll

Making a core of styrofoam is a lot of work. Although this method is very well known in the BJD world and a lot of artist use this methoda, I must admit that I hope there are other ways out there =)Ways that involve more sculpting and less scetching and cutting out styrofoam…I hope you get my point.

Could I use my chavant plasticine to make a core?

I still have some plasticine and made a test with it. I made a simple ball with the plasticine, put some transparent film around it and finally, I rolled some La doll over the plasticine ball.

I’m just going to wait till the clay ball dries and cut it apart to see if I can remove the plasticine clay without having a problem. I can’t think of a reason why this method shouldn’t work….wish me luck!=)

The clay that I plan using for my bjd core (if this method works)looks like this:

ball jointed doll core



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Making my BJD-The day I learned NOT to use Plasticine

Huh? Is that really the title of my blog post today? The day I learned NOT to use Plasticine…. how can I write that. Let me explain.

There is nothing bad about plasticine or the Chavant Clay Medium that I am using for my doll making project BUT (and now listen closely) it isn’t very smart to use plasticine for a ball jointed doll. Yepp! I could have thought about that before, and I am sure some of my readers are thinking now “I could have told you”. Because, now that I have worked with the material for some days and made some experiences with it, I think it is quite obvious why you shouldn’t use it for a ball jointed doll. When it comes to Ball jointed dolls it is all about movement. And plasticine is a sticky material that doesn’t allow you to check if the balls/joints are moving.

Check out what I mean:

plasticine torso

So, this means: back to my cernit polymer clay that I still have lying around somewhere. I need a material that allows my parts to MOVE =)
It’s an experience I had to make and it’s part of the process, so I’m okay with it! I’ll show you new pics as soon as I have cleaned all my tools from the sticky plasticine and have a clean surface to work with Cernit. But I am grateful that I can still use the plasticine for my molds later on, they are sulphur free after all.

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New Chapter :Chavant clay

Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a long time. And I apologize for this. There’s been some changes, I had a lot of work to do and a lot on my mind…but between those thoughts I constantly had to think of my doll project.

So basically, I have the feeling that my old project didn’t really satisfy me and I am out of the proces because I have not done anything for a while.

What I am going to do now is start over new (oh again?) and this time with

chavant clay.

Its not a big deal for me to try something else, because I know I will continue with the cernit clay another time (It’s not like I am going to throw away the material, it was expensive). And I don’t think I could go any further with my old ways, so I gotta start over fresh.

So dear readers, I am back!! And this time It will be the last time I start over new. If I don’t succeed making a prototype doll this time I guess I will stop.

As soon as I get the ordered plastiline clay I will write about my experience with it!.

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