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La doll stone clay

La doll clay for my ball jointed doll

la doll stone clayThis is the clay I’m using for my ball jointed doll project.

The official description of the  clay:

“La Doll is ideal for all sculpturing. Smooth consistency enables clay to be stretched out thinly.  It is water-based, so fresh clay can be added with water. Once dry, sanding will create a satin finish.  It is carved like soft wood. It renders beautiful results with most any painting, decorating medium and varnish.”

My description of the clay:

“I really like this clay and will finish my bjd project with it. I like the fact that it’s really smooth and I don’t struggle with it like I did with cernit polymer clay. La doll clay comes out of the package ready-to use. At least,the clay I bought from Claudine Roelen’s shop het poppenhuisje is really soft. The fact that fresh clay sticks to hardened,dried clay is perfect for the ball jointed doll process. I like all the qualities of La doll so far.”

Here’s the link to the doll artist shop where I purchased La doll clay: shop

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Here’s my blueprint

Ball jointed doll blueprint

nikeartdoll blueprint, bjd,ball jointed doll pic

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How I will make my doll hollow

My idea on making the bjd core

In my last post I wrote about a little test I made to see if I could use plasticine inside my La doll clay doll.

My idea was to use plasticine as core instead of using styrofoam. Styrofoam is a material that  a lot of bjd tutorials advise for people who make their bjd with paperclay.

The test with the plasticine and la doll clay showed that it’s possible to make a bjd basic body with plasticine, cover it in foil and THEN as main step, cover the core with la doll and move on with the real sculpting of the body.

Yeah I’m so happy it worked: I simply cut the la doll ball I made, removed the plasticine from the inside, and voila!I then had a hollow clay ball.

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Making my BJD-The day I learned NOT to use Plasticine

Huh? Is that really the title of my blog post today? The day I learned NOT to use Plasticine…. how can I write that. Let me explain.

There is nothing bad about plasticine or the Chavant Clay Medium that I am using for my doll making project BUT (and now listen closely) it isn’t very smart to use plasticine for a ball jointed doll. Yepp! I could have thought about that before, and I am sure some of my readers are thinking now “I could have told you”. Because, now that I have worked with the material for some days and made some experiences with it, I think it is quite obvious why you shouldn’t use it for a ball jointed doll. When it comes to Ball jointed dolls it is all about movement. And plasticine is a sticky material that doesn’t allow you to check if the balls/joints are moving.

Check out what I mean:

plasticine torso

So, this means: back to my cernit polymer clay that I still have lying around somewhere. I need a material that allows my parts to MOVE =)
It’s an experience I had to make and it’s part of the process, so I’m okay with it! I’ll show you new pics as soon as I have cleaned all my tools from the sticky plasticine and have a clean surface to work with Cernit. But I am grateful that I can still use the plasticine for my molds later on, they are sulphur free after all.

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