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enables us

to find ourselves

and lose ourselves at the same time.


by Thomas Merton

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2011 is coming to an end

How will 2012 be? How will my doll look like in the future? I’m wondering if I will really be able to do a doll  the way I am imagining her to look like at the moment. Time will show. I haven’t done a lot lately because I had a lot of things  to do, but I like the way November ended and the way December started. Lots of new development,new directions, things that give me the idea the next year will be a good year. For those who are really curious: I finally got a job in the field I have been dreaming of yeaah 🙂

But before talking and dreaming of the year to come,I will focus on the last days of december. Plans concerning my art is to continue work on my doll and to have a certain direction (because I have been changing my process on and on) so that when 2012 comes I will know where I will be heading at with my project.

Another plan is to be creative in the kitchen =) I have already done some christmas baking. While writing my blog I am actually waiting for my delicious cake in the oven to be ready.

Have a wonderful day everyone and remember to enjoy the end of the year!

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