About Nike

Hi, my name is  Nike. I am writing this journal to share my doll making process with you. I love sculpting and drawing, hopefully this blog will be a good help to keep focussed and motivated during my project.

The idea of sculpting a doll

Sculpting and creating a ball jointed doll is an obsession i have been having for a while now. I started with it because I love creating ethnic faces in clay and then one day the idea aroused to make a doll. This is also a good project to combine sculpting with painting.

Be part of my journey with all its mistakes, new insights, ups and downs, ugly and beautiful work-in-progress pictures,  personal stories and maybe you will also learn something along the way!

Please join my doll making process and be one of the first to witness the new creature come to life and join our world.


5 thoughts on “About Nike

  1. Jenny says:

    Hello Nike,
    First, I love your name! XD
    Second, I’m very interested to see how your doll turns out. I’m a beginner too.

    I’m absolutely no good with clay so I’m 3D printing mine.

    Good luck!

    • nikedolls says:

      thank you very much. its my yoruba,westafrican nickname and refers to someone ‘who is taken care of’.
      I’ve read about 3D printing sculptures, but don’t really understand the proces…so you digitally design your own doll and then a company sends it to you?that’s what I understand from your post Jace 3d…=)

      • Jenny says:

        I basically digitally “sculpt” them, modifying points in a mesh, and then have Shapeways print them for me.
        It’s a lot of fun, and a good substitute to real sculpting skills. XD

  2. ebmagpie says:

    I have enjoyed seeing your posts and it will be nice to see your doll progress!

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