Multilingual blog?

My blog might have these two symbols in the sidebar in future:

Yesterday it came to my mind that it might be a good idea to write some blog posts in german as well. After all,doll making and germany are two things that belong to each other, so It might be a great benefit to share the blog with german readers.

I’m experimenting with it at the moment and figuring some things out. Not sure yet what to do…


2 thoughts on “Multilingual blog?

  1. You can put a translate button on your blog. I have seen other blogs with the translate in other languages button. Love the old German dolls.
    Have A Great Day

    • nikedolls says:

      Thank you very much Fran for commenting on my blog! Yes, I’ve seen some blogs with the automatic language button and another one with flags. I don’t like the automatic system because it’s far away from a 1:1 translation,so I now simply set up a second blog which looks identical. It’s more work, but I will translate some old posts that I like into my germanblog and try to keep my german page updated with fresh posts as good as I can.I’ll soon share the blog as soon as I’ve translated some posts. Greetings, Nike

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