My dream- the main idea behind my doll project

This is a quick post to give you an idea what my plans are with this doll project.
At the moment I am doing a ball jointed doll out of Cernit just for myself.

My aim is to practise sculpting and to learn how to make quality dolls and to maybe produce some dolls in the future. This is a dream and I am writing this down to see if I will achieve this in future. Then I can come back to this post and remember how things were at the beginning of my project.

It would be great to make limited edition dolls,maybe with a one of a kind costuming and unique painting. The dolls will all have a certain theme,which I already have in mind, but I will share this with you as soon as the time is right for it.

Until then, enjoy the journey and watch my first doll made of Cernit come to life!


-Read my post “What is a bjd” to learn more about ball jointed dolls and find out what information helps me during the doll making process .-


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2 thoughts on “My dream- the main idea behind my doll project

  1. Cigdem says:

    Hey Anikke,

    Super interessante site. Ook erg leuk om te lezen. Ik wens je heel veel succes met je poppenproject.

    Gr. Cigdem

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