Making my own ball jointed doll-The lower torso Part 1

Finally brave enough to bake a piece of Cernit

Honestly, the last days I was a bit afraid to bake my clay. Baking polymer clay means it’s definite and you cannot knead and sculpt with it anymore, because after the baking/curing process, the Cernit is strong and has its definite shape.

Nevertheless, after some days of doing nothing, I decided that today would be the day to start to bake part of my doll. And I must say that I am quite satisfied with the results and happy that I took that step.

basic doll body

Okay, so what I did was to start with the lower torso,without the chest and shoulders. I baked the clay at 130 degrees for about 15 minutes and the Cernit color turned to a nice sun tan color.

Wow, you cannot imagine how long it took me to get the aluminium foil out of the body. It took me nearly 2 hours!!!!!!! Simply because I was not smart enough before to roll the foil together in a loose form. Instead, what I did was to do a quite strong core of alufoil, and this was a mistake! It was so hard to get the pieces out, because they where really attached to each other. Pheew, as you can see I succeeded at last. And besides that, the 2 hours were okay because I had the Tv on while pulling the  foil out.

doll torsoThis is the basic torso. I will still add Cernit here and there,scratch parts away and simply see what still has to be changed to get a correct doll torso.

Oh btw, what you see next to the torso is a forceps. I used this and other tools that I had on hand.

The backside from the torso. I think the aluminium foil beside it looks kinda nice, it makes a nice picture don’t you think?

Oh btw, what you see next to the torso is a forceps. I used this and other tools that I had on hand.


I just had to take this picture because I was so happy when the doll torso was finally aluminium-free.

This project is really fun! The more I do on the doll, the more fun I have because I can see the change =)

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