Making my own ball jointed doll- Conditioning polymer clay

Cernit polymer clay is supposed to become soft when it’s well kneaded, instead my clay is very persistent…

OMG!Today I was so busy conditioning some polymer clay for my ball jointed doll and at the end of the day, my clay pieces where still hard.Although Cernit Doll Collection is a good quality product, I seem to have purchased old clay because it is very very crumbly and extremely hard.

cernit puppen
What I did before was to roll small pieces in my hands and on the table- I even rolled them on a hot thermos jug to get them soft. But still, my clay didn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to be.

I also ‘tried’ to use my pasta machine, but the small rolled out piece would not really go through the machine, and small crumbly pieces would fall out 😦

It looks like my polymer clay needs plasticizer, I’ll get a good additive online to get it conditioned.Maybe Mixquick?

Hate the fact that I’ll have to wait patiently now…aaarrgh!Oh but I also read somewhere that sewing machine oil can do the trick. Maybe I’m lucky and my mum has some on hand ?

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