Turning clay into a doll is not easy

Okay this is going to be totally ridiculous,but in today’s post I will show you some pictures of my sculpt with some,umm let me say “freedom of art”. I am not quite satisfied with what I have sculpted so far, but yet I want to share the process with you (after all this was supposed to be a journal, also with developments I would rather not post).

So what I will do is show you certain aspects of my sculpt which i like and leave out things I’m not really ehm willing to make public. Yepp, as I said this might be a bit odd =)

Why are the eyes censored? Well, they make the sculpt look like Gollum, and my doll is NOT supposed to look like a figure inspired by the lord of the rings, even if I love that story. Yet the shape of the face is okay, that is why i like the picture.

OKay, to be fair I’ll show you a picture so that you can see how the eyes look like. Well, I told you they are not that good! It’s because of the way I did the eyelids.

What I do like is the mouth. That’s one thing I can proudly present to you even though it’s not finished yet and still needs to be smoothed out and changed here and there:

You can still see my “handwriting”, the places I went with the tools but the main shape of the mouth is the way I wanted it to be.

I’ve also been busy working on the torso. I do not like the shoulders and the neck, that’s why i simply chose not to post them.

Oh and I forgot to take a picture of her back.I’ll post it another time I guess.

Here are some more views from the face of the sculpt.


I do like this view of the face and it shows me that not everything is wrong about this sculpt. To my mind the basic shape is okay and things are in the right places.But still I have not reached the point where I can refer to her as ‘doll’ but call her ‘sculpt’

this is her from the side
bjd side view of the face

But hey, the journey goes on!My clay will turn into a doll sooner or later =)

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