Progress yipppieee

Yesterday i started doing the torso and i am finally heading somewhere. Thanks to the help of my muse =). In Germany, if something works the way we want it to and there is progress we just say

“läuft!!” =)


4 thoughts on “Progress yipppieee

  1. Yinka says:

    What does “BJD” stand for??

  2. Lauren Brevner says:

    Yay!! Glad you worked through it!! I was having some sculpting troubles too and i FINALLY was able to sculpt something today that i actually like 🙂


    (dont know how to do the accent marks on my computer lol)

  3. nikedolls says:

    thanks Lauren =D it’s good to hear you’re making progress.It’s still morning here so i hope my day will be productive.

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