Laurens first BLOG CONTEST

I am very excited, i would like to draw your attention to a fellow BJD colleague of mine. Her name is

Lauren Brevner is a very talented bjd artist that makes beautiful creatures from another world, who all seem to tell their own story and are well made.

She’s having her first blog contest over at her site  and the prize she is giving away is Helmet Girl, one of her first one of a kind doll bust!!! You have to have a look at it!!

The main idea of her contest is to let readers interact with her and give her ideas to name the world her creatures live in. To my mind this is very creative!Hopefully you will check out her blog for further details of the contest and to look at her work in general. Don’t forget to participate and to tell others about Lauren’s contest aswell! =)

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4 thoughts on “Laurens first BLOG CONTEST

  1. Lauren Brevner says:

    Thanks for posting my blog on yours!! I subscribed to you too so now i can keep up to date with your projects 🙂

    Good luck!

    • nikedolls says:

      Thanks for subscribing Lauren. I’m trying to keep my blog interesting, but at the moment my proces is kinda frustrating, so sometimes i hesitate to write about that in here 🙂

      • Lauren Brevner says:

        Don’t worry, it will come with time. When i first started blogging about 6 months ago i had never showed anyone my stuff (none of my friends even knew i liked/ made art) but i just trudged through my insecurities and now im much more confident in myself and my work as a result.

        Like i said in one of my posts, if you want something, go get it!!

        Cant wait to see more 🙂

        xox Lauren

      • nikedolls says:

        thank you lauren =)

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