A lesson learned

I was not planning for this to be a text blog and would really love to have lots of pictures to show here. The thing is, the pieces i have right now don’t satisfy me,its like i am looking for perfection. I had done a face for my doll which just needed some little changes, but i then went on and on with it and spoiled it. I had a look at the pictures i had done at the beginning and realised that i missed the process of stopping.

So the lesson i have to learn is to take distance of my work and go on with another piece instead of concentrating on one aspect for too long. That’s the tricky thing with clay-you can go on and on and on for ever and change and change and change, but the question is if it will give you the results you want.I need to find out a method for myself that works best. Maybe i should try something related to the phenomenon action painting and transfer it to the 3D world and do action sculpting =) Does that make sense? Well, I’ll just try it out and tell you about it later.


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