How to smoothen the surface of oil based clay

Hey, have you also asked yourself quite some times how the heck other people smoothen the surface of their object when working with oil based clay? The thing is, when working with water based clay, the material i usually sculpted with, you can just take a brush, dip it in water and smoothen out the face of your doll or any other thing you are working on. But while working with my plasticine i was wondering how to smoothen the surface of oil based clay. Thanks to the internet i now found a way to do that!

The secret is simple: Normal petroleum jelly!This evening i had the feeling my bjd head is finished(just need to add eyes) so i took some jelly, applied it to my hands and went over the whole head with my fingers. For smaller areas i just took a brush, but i must admit that this didn’t work as well as with my fingers.

At the moment i am quite satisfied with the face. It looks waaay different from the “thingy” i showed you in my last post. Would have loved to show it to you now, but i guess tomorrow i will have better light to be able to take a good picture of it.

Tomorrow is sunday, which means i will have a lot of time for my lovely bjd head. Hopefully i will finnish the eyes tomorrow so that I can soon give her a name.To my mind, a doll without eyes is a doll without soul and personality, therefore i chose to give her a name as soon as the eyes are inserted.


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