What helps me to get started as a bjd artist?

I started with the head of my doll and it takes a long time to get the proportions perfect. Although to my mind the head and face are the most difficult part to sculpt, i usually start with the head because it gives me an idea of the personality of my doll. I still have to look for some plastic eyes or for beads to use for the prototype. Later on i will cut them out and have formed eyes without the iris, because i am planning to cast my doll. But more to that later.

You might be interested in the books i am working with. Here is a very helpful guide for beginners and the advanced doll artist:

Künstlerpuppen selbermachen       Hildegard Günzel  Porzellankopfpuppen: modellieren, Formenbau, gießen, brennen, bemalen

This is a perfect book from Hildegard Günzel, a famous german doll artist. It contains a short introduction about the history of dolls, which is quite interesting. Then Günzel gives detailed information about ways to model a doll, how to make different molds and finally how to paint the dolls with china paintings. Every information is followed by beautiful pictures of Günzels’ dolls made in the 80s (because i purchased an old second-hand version).

I love this book. Even though i am not planning to cast in porcelain at the end, the information is quite useful, as i might cast my doll in papier-mache slip.

Another book that i am using is a book for basic sculpting.

It’s a german book by Philippe Chazot, but it’s also available in french .Chazot shares his secrets with the reader and gives good tips on how to sculpt easily.

Keep tuned if you want to see how my bjd turns out =)

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2 thoughts on “What helps me to get started as a bjd artist?

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